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Fishing Service:

Eastern owns a full line of both cased and open hole fishing tools available for your fishing needs. The equipment may be rented to the customer with or without an experienced fishing tool supervisor.


Jar Service:

Eastern has a complete line of jars to accommodate your fishing tool equipment. These jars are essential in and during fishing tool operations. The jars, whether oil, bumper, or accelerator (Energizer), are torqued and pull tested to assure proper working order.


Rental Service:

Eastern owns P-110 high tensile work strings. Along with these work strings come an array of rental equipment accessories. Elevators, slips, stabbing guides, TIW /Lower Kelly valves, pup joints etc. Preventers, along with flanges, spools etc. are pressure tested and charted for safety assurance.


Pressure Control Services:

Eastern has purchased wire-line preventers, grease injector units, lubricators, flanges and other accessories to aide you, in your pressure control needs. This equipment is maintained at the highest levels by charting and testing of these items. Supervisors are available for the pressure control equipment.


Flow-Back and Well Testing Services:

Eastern utilizes choke manifolds, flow lines, separators, tanks and flare stacks during your flow back operations. This allows you the ability to control the wellbore pressures and fluids generated by the wellbore.

Thru Tubing Services:

Eastern Fishing & Rental is pleased to announce that we have opened a new thru tubing division in Laurel, Mississippi. At present, Eastern has a complete line of thru tubing equipment to handle your thru tubing services. Our equipment ranges from 1-11/16" outside diameter thru 2-1/8" outside diameter and we have availability to 2-7/8" and greater tool sizes to accommodate your specific well bore needs.

Hawker Hydraulic Pipe Handler:

Eastern has available in our Laurel, Mississippi District the cutting edge in tubing and casing handling. The "Hawker" pipe handler has the capabilities and is designed to handle tubulars and casings in lengths as short as 19' and even greater lengths of 47' respectively. These casing and tubulars range from as small as 4" outside diameter to as great as 9" outside diameter. It is extremely helpfuI when laying down and picking up tubing strings affiliated with work-over units.

BOP and Torque & Turn Testing:

A blowout preventer, commonly called BOP, is a valve used to seal and control wells to aid in the prevention of a blowout. These valves, once installed, help control and monitor fluids and gases associated with oil and gas drilling as well as workover services. Other components relating to testing such as manifolds, check valves, safety valves, Kelly valves can be tested while on location to assure safety and confidence in your equipment.


Longview, Texas